Ruby Rose Interview + Editorial

Photographer - @olesjamueller

Stylist - @mrenriquemelendez

Mua - @reneeloizmakeup

Hair - @hairbyalexandrapina


1. How did you get into acting?


I started doing commercials and that was a lot of fun but my goal was always to get a show. I really had to prove myself to my agency that I could do it, so finally they started sending me out to audition for theatrical (television) roles and I really loved the process of getting to read all of the scripts for different characters and it was just a lot of fun and I am.


2. What roles have you played thus far? 


I’ve played some fun roles for sure. Funny thing- twice now I’ve played a character with 3 other siblings which I happen to have in real life too! On Fuller House I played one of 4 siblings and now on Coop and Cami, my first series regular role, I also play one of 4 siblings. Very funny! 


3. What has been your favorite job to date?


Definitely Coop and Cami. It was always my dream to book a Disney Channel show as series regular and of course I love doing comedy so it’s perfect for me.


4. Do you have any exciting projects coming up? 


Always! I’ve got several things that I’m working on currently, just at a little slower pace right now since I’m also filming season 2 of the show. 


5. Do you see yourself being an actress forever, or is there a different field of work you would like to get into? 


Well I’m only 13 so I’m really just enjoying where I am right now and what I’m doing.. but my dream is to pursue my singing more in the future. Coming from a dance background, I am a performer at heart and I love being onstage with a live audience, so I can’t wait to do more of that with my singing.


6. What is it like growing up in the industry? 


To be honest, it’s not easy. What a lot of people might not know about me is that I can be super sensitive so I take things hard sometimes. So being that type of person that really feels things, it’s hard. But I’ve learned to have tougher skin with rejection or friends disappointing you or hearing news you didn’t want to hear. I have a lot of support from my family and no matter what I just always try to put it all in perspective and be grateful.


7. Do you think you have improved as an actress since you first started? 


I hope so! I feel like I have. 


8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 


Singing on stages everywhere and being able to meet all of the people that have supported me for a long time! 


9. What is your most memorable memory on set?  


Celebrating both my 12th and 13th birthdays filming Coop and Cami! The cast and crew made those birthdays very special for me.


10. If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing? 

Most definitely something helping animals, for sure!!