Teenzshop is a community. A community for the youth of today and tomorrows future. Teenzshop is for creative thinkers. Teenzshop is for the teens and tweens who dream. Who want to love in a more beautiful world where they are allowed to dream. Where Hard Work pays off. Where opportunities are available to all. Where They can be inspired and in turn inspire.

Fashion is a conversation. It talks about who we are. It shows a little of our character. It makes us part of something and brings us together. It can also make us individual and set us a part. It shows our mood. It can reveal our feelings. 

We wanted a well-edited, Online Boutique for high-quality, everyday clothes at affordable prices. Tired of Fast-Fashion and awful quality? Well- us too! We aimed to create a space for fun, comfortable, relaxed clothes-made well! 

We started as manufacturers. Therefore we are able to pass you factory pricing at designer quality. We want to be affordable for all.  

- Comfort first, Latest fashions, and a sporty, young and fresh feel. All made in high-quality fabrics built to last. 

We couldn't ignore the gap in the market for the Trendy tweens out there so made mini-me versions. Your'e welcome!



We care about our planet. We care about our carbon footprint. We care about animals. 

We only use Faux-Fur

We are switching slowly to organic Cottons

We are have introduced our Sustainable line of clothing- Made from quality Left over fabrics to promote a circular economy. These fabrics would have been dumped irresponsibly, landfilled or incinerated.